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General Info

Daily Schedule

7:30 am Panzer Athletic Center opens
8:00 am Registration Begins
9:00 am Team Lines/Roll Call
9:00-9:10 am Opening Remarks
9:10-9:20 am Warm-Up/Stretch
9:20-10:05 am Individual instruction/drills
10:05-10:50 am Games (Court 1, 2, 3)
Team A v B
Team C v D
Team E v F
10:50-11:35 am Games (Court 1, 2, 3)
Team G v H
Team I v J
Team A v B
11:35-12:20 pm Games (Court 1, 2, 3)
Team C v D
Team E v F
Team G v H
11:45 am Campus Tour
12:45 pm Warm Up
1:00 pm Games/Recruiting Seminar
1:30 pm Games/Recruiting Seminar
2:00 pm Camp Dismissal
Daily schedule subject to change

All camps will take place at Panzer Athletic Center on Montclair State’s campus

Healthy and Safety

A certified trainer will be on duty throughout camp in case of illness injury. The trainer will also dispense prescribed medication, if this is requested at registration

Rules and Regulations

All camp sessions are open to anyone who would like to attend (while space is available). All campers must abide by the rules and regulations of Justin Potts Basketball Camp. Campers are required to attend all sessions and activities. Any serious violation of regulation (or other behavior deemed detrimental to the group) will result in immediate dismissal. No refund of tuition will be issued upon expulsion. No refund of tuition will be issued upon voluntary withdrawal from the camp.

Refund Policy